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Critical sets in Futoshiki Squares

On January 4, 2012, as part of an MAA special session on the Mathematics of Sudoku and other Logic Puzzles at the Joint Mathematical Meetings in Boston, I gave a talk about critical sets in Futoshiki squares. I wouldn’t say I generated any groundbreaking results, but I showed that a new problem has some interesting aspects to it, and if it gets people thinking more about puzzle-related combinatorics, mission accomplished.

Slides (plus a couple of bonus puzzles I prepared for the session) can be found on this page under “The Mathematics of Puzzles.” I’m very open to talking about this and related problems, so do get in touch with me if the slides inspire anything.

Note: If you happen upon this entry after July 2012 and the link above doesn’t lead anywhere, chances are I’ve completed my move to Brown but haven’t updated old entries. If that’s the case, look for me on the Brown website, and the slides are likely linked from my web page there. (If you happen upon this entry after July 2112, greetings from the 21st century! Sorry about that whole global warming thing. We tried our best, but fossil fuels are just so convenient…)

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